FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How long has The Group been going?

We started back in 2006 in Haywards Heath.  Recognising a need for unattached people to get together in a friendly environment, we approached a nice pub landlady and things really started moving.   We told the local press about The Group and from then the enquiries kept on coming.

Do people sometimes find it difficult to walk into a pub where they know nobody?

It can seem daunting but we always try to ensure that there will be somebody to introduce them to members.  It’s useful to remember that everybody there was new once.

What age do The Group members tend to be?

55+ but actually we don’t ask joining members their age. If you are younger, you are still welcome and we don’t have an upper age limit.

Can I come along to see if The Group is for me?  Is it expensive?

Yes to the first question.  We meet at the Thomas A Becket pub in Worthing on the first Monday of the month from  7.30pm, the Railway Pub in Burgess Hill on the 2nd Monday from 7.30pm,  the The Master Mariner in Brighton Marina on the 3rd Monday from 7.30pm,  The Crown in Horsham on the fourth Monday from 8pm and Lewes on the fourth Thursday from 7.30pm.   (These days can vary sometimes depending on how the dates fall in a particular month so please check with one of our contacts or see below for any changes) There will be a sample diary there.  You need to be a member of The Group to attend our events, and you can only join at a club night.  The annual subscription is £20.

How many members does The Group have?

About 250.  Our membership terms – i.e. renewing every year – ensure that all of those members are current – there are no out-of-date membership lists.

Is it run by a committee?

We have a committee which meets 3 or 4 times a year.  It is attended by co-ordinators who run each of our venues, Brighton, Horsham, Burgess Hill and Worthing,  as well as the treasurer and secretary.

Who organises The Group events?

The members, we ask all members to try and put on 2 events a year, that way we get great variety in the things we do.

How do I know what events are available?

We issue a diary twice a month.

How do I receive the diary?

It is emailed to all members.  It shows the date, time, venue, details of the event and the organising member’s contact details.  You just have to contact the organiser.

You say you email events to all members, but I don’t have a computer. Can they be emailed to a friend or family member?

No. You must have your own email address, even if it’s at work or accessed through a friend’s computer.  Your public library will help you set up an account so that you can download your messages from a library terminal.  Once you are a member of The Group, you can also access an up-to-date diary on our website

How do members go about organising an event?

Something like a get-together in a pub, a restaurant meal, or a walk, takes very little organising.  Once you have been along to a club night and become a member, you would email details of your event to Madeline, who co-ordinates the diary, on diary@thegroup.org.uk with your contact phone no. or email address.  It would appear on The Group diary and then the calls would come in.  Make sure you get members’ mobile numbers so that you can contact them on the day of the event if necessary.

Do you have sports on the diary?

Yes.  The current diary shows skittles, bowling and football.  All organised by our members.  And we’re always happy to hear of more sporting events, whether participating or watching.

And holidays?

We have had trips to Amsterdam, Budapest, Scotland, Prague, Bruges, Ireland,  Mediterranean cruises, river cruises, Spain, Berlin, Turkey, Montenegro and Tuscany.   All of these trips were organised by Group members.

How do I join?

Come along to one of the club nights.  You don’t have to let us know you are coming.  Just come along.  You’ll get a good welcome from our Co-ordinators and Welcomers but if you want more information first, call one of the numbers on the contacts page.  New members can only join in person at a club night.

Where and when are the club nights

The first Monday of the month is Worthing club night 7.30pm at The Thomas A Becket 146 Rectory Road Worthing BN14 7PJ

The second Monday of the month is Burgess Hill club night 7.30pm at The Railway Pub Station Road Burgess Hill RH15 9DQ

The third Monday of the month is Brighton club night 7.30pm at The Master Mariner  Brighton Marina BN2 5WD

The fourth Monday of the month is Horsham club night 8pm at The Crown Carfax Horsham RH12 1DW

The fourth Thursday of the month is Lewes club night 7.30pm at The Dorset      22 Malling Street, Lewes BN7 2RD

Please Note that it is always advisable to call one of our organisers on the Contact Us page to check the dates of the club nights as these can vary sometimes depending on how the dates fall in a particular month.

Who will I meet when I attend?

The co-ordinators attend club nights, as well as people we call welcomers who are there to do just that.  They wear a badge with the word “Welcomer” and will be there to make sure your visit is enjoyable.